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What information do you need to bring to Monty's Tax Service?

First thing you need to do is PRINT out
our Information Papers from the Download Forms Tab,
and fill them out. This will give us most of the information that we need.
Just make sure that you take a couple of minutes to fill it entirely.

Bring the Following: 
Driver's License or State Picture ID,
Birthdates Ages, S.S. Nos, & Relationship, all Dependents.
Interest, Dividends, S.S. Income, Unemployment Income.
If you own a home:  Mortgage Interest, Property Taxes
All W2's, 1099's and all other income you received.
Statements pertaining to Sale of Stocks and Bonds
    (Also include the original date and cost of these items) 
If you paid any estimated payments to the federal or state,
we need to know the amounts and dates.

For the Self Employed

Use the following link to download the appropriate forms:
Download Forms Tab

A summary of all Income and Expenses.
If you are new to Monty's Tax Service,
bring last years tax return and complete depreciation sheet.

Any estimated payments you have to Federal or State throughout the year





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